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Finding sources for small quantities of the materials you need to build your projects used to be a problem. Your choice was to pay huge "cutting charges" or buy far more material than you needed from a major metal supplier. Either that or rummage through the bins at your local scrap metal dealer in hopes of finding what you need and guessing at the alloy or heat treat condition. Now you can shop directly on-line and get exactly what you need delivered to your door. No minimum orders, no cutting charges and a huge selection.

I have arranged with and provided a link directly from my Mini Lathe Page to for your ordering convenience. I also get a small commission. Click on the link below to order metal. Your order will be processed by quickly and shipped directly to you. You will be billed by them for your metal order. Any questions regarding your order should be directed to them through the links at the top of the ordering frame. To check out the selection or to order, click on the link below. Let the chips fly... from Varmint Al

Click on the LOGO to Shop for Metals and Plastics Online
Browse the stock of available materials.

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