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Hello and Welcome to my Home Page.
The graphic above is a 4-40 cap screw being taken to its breaking point and the resulting stresses.

I have many interests and have found some really great pages on the web. I hope the following links work! This is a fun learning process.
More good graphics to come. TTUL...73...(Al)...SK

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The first Figure is a Stolle Panda action with the bolt in the locked position. The caliber is a 6-PPC with an intact case firing with a internal pressure of 50,000 psi. The second Figure is the bolt showing a maximum stress in the lug of 87,700 psi and finally the third Figure is the action with a maximum stress of only 41,300 psi. Note that the high stressed region of the bolt is in compression and occurs at the area of contact with the action. The stress levels are in psi, see the legend.

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